Traffic Calming

The Metropolitan Council of Government (MetroCOG) has conducted a traffic calming study, approved by the West Fargo City Commission, which recommends effective traffic calming measures throughout the city. Click Here to view the full study.

What is Traffic Calming? 

Traffic calming is the implementation of physical roadway features for the purpose of slowing motor vehicle speeds and altering driver behavior. These features can be installed on a street to help reduce the speed at which vehicles travel, discourage through traffic, improve traffic safety, and improve the comfort level for non-motorized users. Examples include lane narrowing, speed humps, landscaping, mini roundabouts, medians, among others. 

What isn't Traffic Calming?

Stop signs, yield signs, traffic signals are traffic operations management techniques and should not be considered traffic calming measures because they are not self-enforcing. Self-enforcing measures are physical treatments intended to influence motorist behavior into naturally performing safe/desired maneuvers or vehicle operation (i.e. changing direction or reducing speed). While stop signs and other traffic control devices direct motorists to perform an operation or maneuver, they rely completely on law enforcement. This is less effective than influencing the motorists’ voluntary behavior

Traffic Calming Evaluation Process

Traffic Calming Flow Chart (5)

1: If no sidewalks exist, it is likely that the corridor is not urbanized and may be undeveloped or partially undeveloped. Traffic calming may be addressed at the time of development and/or urbanization of the street or if the problem persists. 

2: If a petition passes by supermajority, a project may be developed through the CIP process as outlined by the City of West Fargo and may be funded through typical West Fargo funding sources including special assessments. If the petition fails but the City Engineer determines there is a severe traffic calming issue, a project may be still be developed through the CIP process however, special assessments may not be used to fund the project and alternate sources will be pursued.

What to Expect when Submitting a Traffic Calming Request:

  • Applicant will be contacted by the City Engineering Department within 5-10 business days. 
  • The applicant will be listed as the point of contact for gathering petition signatures as specified in the process above. 
  • The City will complete a technical review when weather and staff scheduling permits. Reviews will generally take place in the summer months. 
  • If the project passes the technical review a neighborhood meeting will be set to discuss design options and costs. 
  • Traffic Calming projects will be funded solely through Special Assessments unless otherwise determined by City Engineering Department.

Petition Process

  • The City of West Fargo will determine the special assessment district for the requested project with input from the applicant. The ultimate size of the district will be determined by the City Engineering Department. 
  • Applicant will be responsible for gathering signatures from 80% of residents in the proposed district as specified in the process above.

Submit a Traffic Calming Request

Traffic Calming Request

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