Community Services and Programs

The Community Risk Reduction Officers participate in many events throughout the city. These events include trainings conducted at business, senior living centers and schools regarding fire extinguishers and fire safety. They also participate in health fairs and career fairs. Throughout the year tours are given to different groups and communities in West Fargo. 

  • Each October is Fire Safety Month, which means our officers teach fire safety and give tours to the kindergarten classes, and also go to the schools to teach the 1st and 2nd grade classes about fire safety.
  • Each year the fire department partners with the American Red Cross to check and install new smoke detectors within a target area of the community. This is released through social media and mail each year to let that neighborhood know ahead of the event.
  • To request a Community Risk Reduction event or tour, please complete this form.
  1. Dell Sprecher

    Dell Sprecher

    Fire Marshall
    Phone: (701) 515-5600

  1. Travis Olson (jpg)

    Travis Olson

    Fire Inspector
    Phone: (701) 515-5600

  1. John Neeb

    John Neeb

    Fire Inspector
    Phone: (701) 515-5600